Gap Analysis Template

When you are building your gap analysis, you should have some sample data that is going to act as a guide for your calculation. This is called gap analysis and will allow you to determine whether your calculation is accurate or not. The Gap Analysis is where the clients will pay attention and this is […]

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Small Business Worksheets

When it comes time to file your small business taxes, having the help of professionals taking care of you isn’t the only key! Not only do certified public accountants assist you in preparing and filing your small business taxes, they will also provide a complete overview listing of eligible deductions from your prepared information. Not

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Small Business Balance Sheet

Small business owners need to have a small business balance sheet so they can properly document and monitor their business’s financial health. A balance sheet shows your company s overall progress as well as identifying areas for improvement. There are usually three parts to a balanced sheet: assets, liabilities, and ownership equity. Assets represent what

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Simple Budget Spreadsheet

Everyone should have a budget and everyone should know how to calculate a budget. However, most people do not understand the important role that a budget plays in helping you live your life on a budget. With a simple budget spreadsheet, your children can learn to budget and you can show the spreadsheet to your

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Nursing Fact Sheet Template

What a nursing fact sheet template is for is providing current and concise information to patients. In a healthcare environment, facts are essential in order to help your patients make wise decisions. If you are a nursing assistant or other health care professional then you know how important this can be. Being concise with your

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Non Profit Sheet Template

A non profit sheet template is basically a business tool that describes complete financial facts about business operations s profit, loss and revenue. All the information you require including profit analysis, breakeven analysis, income statement and balance sheet template are available at your fingers tips. Such financial tools are used by entrepreneurs as well as

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