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Applying for a job at a bank or any other organization can make your resume only chance to have a good first impression. In three or four short paragraphs, addressing the professional requirements by providing your services and why. An excellent fit for the job Keep it short, because the hiring manager may be sifting through dozens of applications.

• Enter. The name and address of the beneficiary as it will appear on the job posting Enter the date in “Month Day, Year” format. Open with “Dear Mr. Smith,” not “Dear Joe.”

• Write the introduction. In one sentence state that you apply for the job. For example: “I enclose my resume for the account officer position at Community Bank.”

• Write the body. In a paragraph or two to describe how your training and experience match the job requirements. For example:

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Iowa I stole valuable customer service skills and relationship building experience at two different database settings on a long road Citizens Bank. I was able to high customer satisfaction to achieve as one of their tellers and customer service representatives. In the last two years I have also worked effectively with Senior account Manager and loan officers on mortgage loan applications at the Bank of America. ”

• Be part of the circuit. In such a set, wrap the letter on an optimistic note and confident. For example:

“I believe that I build on my training and experience and contribute to Community Bank Account Chairman I look forward to meeting with you and discuss the possibility of further ”

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• the letter by closing “Sincerely” and your full name. Your contact information should follow if it is not. At the top of the letter

• spell check and proofread the letter. Attach the resume. Send it to the bank in accordance with the instructions in the job announcement. If the display prompts you to send the application by mail, do not send it to the general staff rather than e-mail address. If you to send it by e-mail, press and hold the e-mail shortly. For example: “Dear Ms. Brown: I enclose my resume and a cover letter in response to the bank teller position at your bank Sincerely, Joe Smith ..” Enter the job title and reference number in the subject line.

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