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Eric is the former co-owner of a construction firm that closed due to the slow economy. He’s now looking for a project manager position at another construction company — one of his former competitors. He sent his resume along with this cover letter via email.

His email message was the same as the Word cover letter he attached, only the email version didn’t have the heading, inside address, and date. Also, the email version used dashes instead of bullet points, and instead of “Attached: resume” he typed “Attached: resume and cover letter” at the end of his email.

Notice how the use of bullet points draws attention to his job qualifications. If those items had been put in a long sentence with a comma between each one, they might have been skipped over in a quick scan of the letter.

Here’s the Word version of his cover letter attachment.

Eric Stadler
123 Tucker Road
Paterson, WI 12345

March 4, 20xx

Mr. Robert Morris
Morris Construction
123 Harbor Road
Paterson, WI 12345

Dear Mr. Morris,

John Lovell advised me of a project management position that’s available at your company. From my attached resume, you will find that my experience meets the requirements you’ve outlined for the job.

In my position as managing partner of Selly’s Construction Company, I managed projects ranging from a $10,000 residential remodel to a $1,850,000 commercial construction. My responsibilities included:

  • Client contact
  • Bidding and estimation
  • Subcontractor selection
  • Scheduling
  • Management of project
  • Quality control
  • Billing
  • Profitability

I am a diplomatic manager, which enables me to get along well with clients, subcontractors, and crew. My ability to maintain high morale among workers increases retention and contributes to safety, a crucial factor in the success of construction work.

I look forward to speaking to you about your next project. I can be reached at 123-555-1234.


Eric Stadler

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