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Kristen saw a job on Craigslist that she wants to apply for. The job is for a website designer, which is right up her alley. And the company is small, which is also the kind of friendly environment Kristen wants to work in. She sent a somewhat casual email cover letter with her resume attached. Take a look.

Going through a grassroots website such as Craigslist can sometimes be a less formal job application than sending a resume and standard cover letter via email to a hiring manager in a corporation. At least that’s what Kristen thought when she read the job posting. So she kept her cover email short and injected a little humor in the first paragraph.

She quickly followed up with a serious sentence in the second paragraph that led to her list of skills. This list of skills is the crux of her email. By using a dash before each item, she makes it stand out. By the way, Kristen used dashes instead of bullet points because bullet points don’t always survive an email’s trip through cyberspace and into another person’s inbox. Dashes always survive.

Here’s Kristen’s email cover letter.

Dear Lillian:
I saw your listing on for a website designer for your tee-shirt company. I’m attaching my resume even though it doesn’t list my extensive tee-shirt folding experience.

Seriously, I would love to help you create a fun yet tasteful website for selling your tee-shirts. I have experience working with:
– WordPress
– Site animation
– Php coding
– Server management
– E-commerce plugins

Your site has some very imaginative animation/movement, especially the Sluggo! I look forward to talking with you about how I may be of help. Please call me at 510-555-1234.
Thank you!
Kristen Black

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