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You certainly do not want the recruiter takes a look at your resume and your cover letter? Begin to miss the email letter that accompanies them.

1 – Choose a fuzzy object

Nothing worse than an “object” of mail that does not specify your goal. Like, for example:  “open application” without any details on the coveted function.

And to succeed?  Mention “to the Offer No XXX / post …”. And, if you are registered, tell from the subject line.

2 – Drag it a familiar name 

A simple “Hello” or “Hello Madam,” is absolutely not suitable for an application.

And to succeed? P be referring more recommendable formula: “Dear Sir”, “Dear Madam” or “Dear Madam, Dear Sir” or “Dear” if you do not know the gender of your interlocutor.

3 – Name a competitor

By trying too play copy-paste and make applications of mass mailings, you will manage to send mail with a different company name. Worse, with the name of the competitor.Trash assured.

And to succeed? your neutral message in Word, copy it to the body of the email and customize it.

4 – Do spelling and conjugation  

“The most classic, but also the most crippling, concern formulas” I send you “and” I venture. ” Often there is “sending” and “permits”.

And to succeed? Treat also the spelling of your resume.

5 – Overuse of Abbreviations 

If you absolutely want to exasperating the recruiter in less than 10 seconds, please do not take the time to write the words in full. Abuse the “CDT” to cordially or “appointment” for appointment.

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And to succeed? Do not write your email as an SMS motivation.

6 – skimp salutations 

A simple “cordially” may seem trivial for a position with responsibilities.

And to succeed? “Prefer a more classic formula like,” please accept, dear Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration. ”

7 – Punctuate excessive  

Punctuate your phrase “! “Or” … “and you will be ranked among fans. “Exclamation points are the expression of feelings that have no place being in a mail application.Ellipses suspend a thought.

And to succeed? Be specific!

8 – Exceed 30 lines

30 lines of messages and that’s the trash again. Recruiters take only a few seconds to identify the interest of your application.

And to succeed? Words must be snappy and short sentences. Exit long speeches, go to the essentials.

9 – Do not talk to you AS

Of course, you are there to brag about your skills and personality. But not only the risk of passing for a narcissist !

And to succeed? Without resorting to flattery excessive, talk (as well) the business success, growth.

10 – Detail your CV in full

The application is the teaser email your resume and not his resume. So needless to synthesize at all costs your more or less experience.

And to succeed? Insist on just one or two key points in your profile.

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