Executive Marketing Cover Letter

Harry opens his letter by telling his reader that a mutual associate has told him about a challenge the company is facing. It’s a delicate issue, but Harry feels certain his reader wants an answer so he’ll want to keep reading. Also, by mentioning the mutual associate’s name, Harry establishes a connection and starts to build a level of trust.

The second paragraph hints at how Harry would solve the employer’s problem. This is a way of starting a conversation that he’d like to continue in person in a job interview.

In the next paragraph, Harry assures his reader that he will keep the company’s information confidential, again, to keep the door open to discussing things in more detail at the interview.

To close, Harry initiates the next step: He invites Mr. Lewis to call him for an interview.

Here’s Harry’s cover letter:

123 San Bernardo Street, #123
Portland, OR 12345

March 24, 20xx

Mr. Harold Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
Pharmatech, Inc.
146 West Palm Drive
Miami, FL 12345

Dear Mr. Lewis,
Edwin Franks, a member of your advisory team, spoke briefly to me yesterday about some concerns you’re having with Pharmatech’s profit margins. I think I have some insights that would be useful to you.

It seems to me that the first issue to be addressed is the recent decline in profits of your number one product, PowerPills+. I’d also suggest a new system of financial analysis that can make a tremendous improvement in the way you evaluate profitability in the long run. In other words, let’s use our “first aid kit” for PowerPills+ and then set up preventive measures so this won’t happen with other products down the line.

Understanding that Edwin did not speak to me in detail about your situation, I would appreciate a conversation with you in person. I assure you that our discussion will be held in the strictest confidence.

Please feel free to call me to set up an appointment to meet with you. Because my work hours are flexible, I can most likely accommodate your calendar.

Thank you,

Harry Humphrey

Marketing Executive Cover Letter

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