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The common use for a monthly timesheet is to record employee information for payroll preparation. The monthly timesheet is created with spaces for vacation days, overtime hours, lunch hours, and any other time-sheets that the company uses. It s perfect for salaried and hourly, part and full-time workers who could use the monthly timesheet to track time spent working and submit it for pay-to-the-employer every week. The monthly timesheet also allows an eraser to be built into the sheet for erasing late notes.

Every company creates their own system to keep track of employee tasks. Most have at least one type of system and often several. Weekly or monthly employee task lists are usually created and kept in the office or at the headquarters. However, many companies also use computer software to create time tracking reports. Most of the time they use software programs that require little work to set up and use.

To get started, an excel time tracking report is created which contains all employee information. After data collection and organization, the information is recorded in the spreadsheet. One copy of the Excel timesheet template is placed onto the company computers so all employees have access to it. Sometimes the template may be placed in the system itself so that employees log in and see their own copy of the timesheet. If the timesheet template is placed on the computers then employees can print off a copy and take it with them if they leave the company.

The purpose of the timesheet template is to give employees an easy way to track specific tasks and assign wages for them based on how much each task costs them. Some tasks may not cost an employee money but are still required for the pay period. Other tasks can be eliminated from the pay period altogether. When the pay period begins, the employees can mark these tasks off and if they have completed them they can be credited towards their next point.

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Creating paper timesheets is another way to keep track of jobs and assign wages. Every week, the HR department will create a sheet for the employees. These sheets are used to record the specific job duties and hours spent performing those duties. When the pay period begins, the employees can just fill out the timesheet with the specific job duties, job title, and pay rate for each duty they performed during the week.

This is much easier than creating several spreadsheets to keep track of the same jobs. In the past, when someone had to make a spreadsheet for a department, it took a long time to create one because there were so many projects going on at once. Creating a spreadsheet for each project is much easier now because the software program that creates the timesheet allows you to specify how much time should be spent on each task by dividing the amount of time by the number of project in the database.

Monthly Timesheet Template for Excel and Google Sheets


Free Timesheet Template (Excel) Monthly & Weekly Timesheets

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