Recommendation Letter

If you are a manager, big boss or liable for any service, you will definitely need one day wrestle you writing a  recommendation letter for a former or future ex-employee. Perhaps a more difficult exercise than the letter for yourself. It chews you work. Here are our tips and a form letter.

Why ?

The principle of this letter is simple: make it clear to a manager or recruiter that your protege is qualified for the job he covets, without burning your reputation and without compromising your self. Also note that this type of letter can really make the difference to your face protected the other candidates. If you agreed to do him this favor, keep in mind that your job is to say what he could not tell the recruiter himself, in his own words.

For who ?

You are manager , and you have worked with many collaborators, provided you are not supposed to write letters of recommendation for everyone! It is important that you are completely comfortable with the request made to you.Only accept for people you know well. You must be able to easily talk about its values, qualities and personality. Needless to say, the letter urges you and your manager reputation. So do not defend the poor colt, and do not overdo it on his skills. Ask him his resume and the advertisement for the position to better target your recommendations.

You can not refuse!

To dismiss politely request a recommendation, refilez else the baby to someone, “I do not think the best person to recommend your work and to better evoke your skills, I think XXX you know well, better describe your profile. “Alternatively, ask the suitor to write this letter himself and then you submit, you will have tangible arguments to explain that you are not comfortable with the way things develop and you find that you are not credible in that role.

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The contents

A recommendation letter must be contain the following information:

– Who are you?
– What is / was your reporting relationship with the person you recommend?
– Why do you think that person is qualified for the position
– What are the specific skills of that person?
– Your details to be contacted again


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