Formal Resignation Letter Example

Many things can happen in the workplace that makes us no longer comfortable with the environment in which we work whether it comes from fellow co-workers, tired of the work environment or even problems with superiors that make us inevitably submit requests for resignation. Normally an official resignation letter is formally made and then printed on a piece of paper and then submitted to superiors as a formal notification that we will leave the workplace.

The usual reason why a person resigns from his job is to be paid a low salary; not creating a harmonious relationship with superiors; get a new job that’s better or bored. While the other reason is, if you are really fed up with your boss, even talking for only five minutes you are unable, then that could be the main reason you resign only through email (without communication). And indeed resigning is a solution that is often pursued by employees.

You can submit a letter of resignation via email without saying goodbye directly to your boss for various reasons you have. However, these actions are not appropriate, because it seems impolite and less professional. Be careful because it can affect your track record in the future. So always make a good impression even if you want to leave your old office.

Believe me, by resigning nicely, and talking directly with your boss even if only five minutes, it will have a positive impact on yourself in the future. Do not rule out the possibility that it can save your own ‘face’. Haven’t we been taught good manners when we come and go by parents? At least say hello. That must apply at work too. Hopefully, if your company is competent, of course you will get a good recommendation letter from the company. For example, suppose in the future you and your ex-boss meet again in the same conditions and times. Isn’t it more fun to be able to leave a positive impression than vice versa. You will not be awkward greeting and exchanging conversations even if brief.

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Tips for writing a resignation letter – example resign letter

  • It is better if the contents of the letter are clear for the purpose of resigning from the company and always use polite, good and right language.
  • Give reasons for resignation clearly and concisely. No need to tell in detail such as making short stories or essays about the real reasons for choosing to resign. Especially if the main reason is actually a bad relationship between you and the leader, colleagues or culture in the company. Suffice it to save for yourself and God knows.
  • Find the right time to discuss the intention to resign yourself from the company on HRD or superiors. As religious people do not forget to also pray. So that when you submit a letter to submit a resignation, your HRD mood or boss is good. Even though he didn’t seem to be in a happy spike, at least it seemed that he didn’t bend his face or was too quiet for the day.
  • Do not forget to say thank you to the leadership of the company and colleagues in the company. Because after all you have been given the opportunity and have worked together in the company. There must be good knowledge and experience that you can make lessons in the future. Thanking you doesn’t make you lose.
  • Mention the start time and date when you will start resigning from the company and certainly not too sudden. This is so that the company also prepares to get your replacement as soon as possible.
  • Before resigning, don’t leave the remaining obligations, yes. Remember to always finish your work well to show that you are a professional at work.
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What you must always remember is do not feel a loss to keep acting positive, no matter how bad the situation. Including thinking about things that you have experienced while working in your old company until then you decide to stay or you really decide to leave your current job.

Keep improving yourself and performance to get a new job that suits your desires or desires. After leaving the old company, do not be discouraged to get a suitable job and a company that can support your interests so far. There is an old adage that says “Love your work, not the company” so always love what is your choice, yes.

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