Gillian Anderson,
3241, North 98 Street,
New York, NY 3245,
(321)-654 9087.

Date: 1st Jan, 2010

Mr. Richard Burton,
Public Chemical Inc.,
270, Park Avenue North,
New York City USA.

Dear Mr. Richard Burton,

I was reading the [Name of the newspaper] on the Web this morning, and was overwhelmed by an article illustrating your relief Works contribution to the restoration efforts in different disaster situations. Having experienced more than a few hurricanes, I am fairly proverbial with the fraught situation you are in at the moment. I would like to offer my skills in architecture and reconstruction, and am writing to inquire whether your association has any positions available.

Though I am satisfied working in Jamaica, I would like to strengthen my expertise by working for a project like yours, it would be a great way to both broaden my expertise and contribute something to the Caribbean community. I do have some understanding of the Spanish language, and am keen to learn more. If there is an available post in your organization, I do hope that you will consider me. I have enclosed a copy of my resume.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck with your project.



Gillian Anderson,


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Disaster Relief Cover Letters

Best Emergency Services Cover Letter Examples | LiveCareer

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