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If you are a professional writer who has built up a portfolio of previously published work, then you will know that your writing skills are not limited to selling books and articles on your chosen topics. However, the traditional way of writing resumes used to include the standard chronological order of job details, with specific information about your employment history, skills and educational qualifications. Nowadays, it is also common to use a more conversational format which allows you to expand upon the personal attributes which might be the greatest assets when applying for your next job.

Writing a resume is not simply writing a list of duties and skills which you have already performed. It is a time to tell the reader a little about yourself and how you will contribute to the success of the company. Since so many applicants have their own professionally written resumes, what makes them stand out from the rest? This article examines some of the most popular formats for applying for new jobs, and then shows you how to turn your personal story into an exceptional resume format.

The first form of resume format is called The Whole Life Resume. The format is composed of a summary of your career track record, your biography and your employment history. This may include any number of aspects that you want to highlight. The Career Summary section gives a concise outline of your experiences that you can use to help answer interview questions.

Next is the Full Employment Record form. Here, you will include any relevant employment history and any employment experience you would like to share. Your Personal Profile section is designed to highlight your best qualities and introduce you to the reader. It does not have to contain information which is solely personal in nature.

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The Personal Statement is next in line with the Personal Profile section. Here, you can choose to write the most passionate and personal details you can find about yourself, such as hobbies, achievements, interests and personality traits. In addition, you may want to create an overview of your skills and talents and include these when preparing for interviews. There is no time limit to fill in the Personal Statement, although the more detailed the more professional your resume format appears.

The most recent development in the Smart Resume format is called the summary/formatted resume. This format looks very similar to a traditional resume but gives you a much more powerful tool. You can leave your personal information blank and make it about yourself.

Finally, the third form of resume format for people wanting to update their current employment or seek a new position is to choose to write a ‘Back to School’ resume. This is where you take your skills and interests and use them to enhance your applications and future career prospects. Make sure to put your skills and education at the front of your resume so that you do not forget any relevant experience and qualifications.

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