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SWOT Analysis Template PPT is a brief evaluation of your business enterprise by assigning the factors that make it different from other similar organizations. For example, there is an organization named “Office Depot”. If you take a look at the following statements and compare them to Office Depot’s SWOT Analysis Template PPT, you will notice that both organizations are similar in nature. The similarities end here.

This comparison is not to say that Office Depot is less productive or less competent than your office. It is because the above statement has much in common with the latter. Both organizations have staff with a wide range of skills, responsibility and abilities. In addition, both have many people with similar skills working for them. For instance, if you are an employee of Office Depot, you have the ability to perform certain tasks that other employees cannot do.

SWOT Analysis Template PPT comes with thorough description of characteristics. The more detailed these characteristics are, the more efficient it is. It is like we can see with our own eyes the areas where Office Depot is unique from your office. As an example, if we take a look at this SWOT Analysis Template PPT, we can notice that some characteristics in this statement include:

– Change in Work Flow: The organization that Office Depot is unique from is the organization that has shifted from a traditional organization to a dynamic organization. This change has increased the time required for production to be completed by the company.

– Innovation: The organization that Office Depot is different from is the organization that has adapted to the changing needs of the marketplace and its customers. By doing so, it has earned a name for itself as a leader in innovation and productivity. For instance, Office Depot has adapted to the demands of the business world by making available computer software and online collaboration solutions that are unique to the marketplace.

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– Similarity: Similarity is another attribute that is different from your organization. The quality and usefulness of products that Office Depot makes available are also unique. This would help to lead you to think that it is easier to find similar products if Office Depot was to offer the same kind of products.

– Prosperity: The organization that Office Depot is different from is the organization that is not doing well in the current market. This is because of the fact that the marketplace is being flooded with poor products that are often not usable. The difference is that it can deal with these products and make them work, despite the fact that it is trying to create products that are user-friendly.

– Organization: The organization that Office Depot is different from is the organization that has been caught up in bureaucracy. Most organizations would have experienced bureaucracy within their organization because the organization is busy with everyday tasks.

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