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When you run a company you can face many problems in the management of personnel training, especially if you’re a novice entrepreneur. The success of a business depends on the preparation of your team, so it is worth asking how much you are willing to invest in the development of your collaborators.

The training can be seen by many as an unnecessary growth of your company spending, however, may be the key to solving problems that arise between employees and to evaluate the performance of the human capital of your company.

We give six steps to detect what the needs of your business and solve real problems with employees through training.

1. Detection of need or training requirements: at this point I must be very emphatic in the way in which we determine our need according to the positions they are evaluating.

This is not to train to train (for meeting a quality management system) or just finish us the budget to deduct taxes. For this first method we can use:

-Surveys: Gather information with the application of a simple questionnaire.

-Interviews: Maintain a dialogue with the line manager of the employee to determine their areas of opportunity.

-Observation: Observe the conduct of their work and compare it with the skills required office.

-description And job profile: analyze tasks and responsibilities inherent to the person who performs. In short, it is a comparison between what is required against what he does. –

-Evaluation Performance: the performance of the individual against the standards established for the position compared.

This first step can be determined with an internal or hire an outside consultant to make the application and process diagnostic tools.

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2. Design of the training program: once we have detected the need, through our applied tools, we need to determine how and what we use to design our training program, taking into account two main factors for this:

-General plans of staff in the company.
-Of the goals of the organization.

3. Resources: this means, determine the elements with which it has to carry out our training strategy and thus fulfill the expectations of the program, in order always the overall goal of the company. Some of the resources that we can take hand are:

– Courses: develop the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

– Conferences: They are short, high – impact, clear and precise keys, and especially are of general interest.

– Workshops: it is a training event that develops issues related to practice.

– Seminars: it aims to research or study issues related to the company.

4. Implementation: this point is the most important because it is the action we will take to measure the results produced our training strategy and where we assess learning obtained in any of the resources we have selected to carry out our program training. For this purpose we use: – Metrics progress.



5. Follow – up: if the strategies and actions implemented without proper monitoring, you can lose all the work done in the previous points. This does not mean that our training strategy is wrong, simply they are not running correctly the processes described therein. . For this reason the personalized supervision with those responsible for implementation is essential Some mechanisms we can use to measure this result are:

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-Practices In living room and in the field.

SAP or CRM-systems.

6. Final assessment: is the final part we will do through a simple evaluation of our processes underway, which will serve to measure the return on investment in the training program.   In this way, we will have better control of our investment but even more of our strategies and processes. can return us at any point to check if we are not doing something or do different things that give us different results. Remember that we can change a thousand times but never Meta strategy.

Free Training Plan Templates for Business Use | Smartsheet


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Free Training Plan Templates for Business Use | Smartsheet


Employee Training plan template excel Project Annual Sample plan

Free Training Plan Templates for Business Use | Smartsheet

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Free Training Plan Templates for Business Use | Smartsheet


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