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Character reference letters are very much necessary for a divorce lawyer in the case of a contested divorce. A court ruling must be followed by everyone, and character references will help the divorce lawyer in ensuring that his client was well and properly presented by the character reference letter. In fact, the court will go through the letter before taking a final decision.

However, before writing a character reference letter, the lawyer should first look at the past records of the parents. The couple should be as honest as possible as the character references can affect the final decision of the court. It is to be remembered that the character reference letters are the only document that the courts use for the couple to present to the judge. Therefore, honesty is of paramount importance in a character reference letter.

So, to ensure that the character reference letter is convincing and accurate, it is of utmost importance that the writer should be able to present the lawyer’s side of the story without any hesitation or distortion. If the person is feeling good about the petitioner’s credibility then there is no need to fill the gap in the story. However, if the writer finds that the story is being distorted, the attorney should pay attention to such errors immediately.

The character reference letter should not only contain truthful facts about the petitioner but it should also contain some personal history as well. The writer should tell about the individual’s hobbies, the friends and family members. The writer should also make sure that the friendliness and the attitudes of the friend of the petitioner do not differ in any way from that of the parent. The judge might ask the petitioner how the family has been, and in that case the writer should be able to add information about the petitioner’s relationship with the friend.

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Since the best friends of the petitioner have conflicting interests, it is important that the writer writes the letters with the same preferences. If the petitioner and the friend were left by the parents or if the friend is a daughter of the petitioner, the writer can write the relationship as a mother-daughter or a father-son. However, if the friend and the petitioner are a mother and a son, then he should be careful about including any reference to the friend in the character reference letter.

For example, if the friend of the petitioner has an official job, it would be ideal if the character reference letter includes the fact that the friend has an official job. If the friend does not have an official job, then the writer should include the statement that the friend does not have an official job.

The friend may be the parent of the petitioner. The character reference letter should mention the level of relationship between the friend and the petitioner. If the friend of the petitioner has a stable relationship with the petitioner, the writer should mention the fact in the letter.

There are many other things that the writer can include in the lawyer’s character reference letter. While writing the letter, it is best to pay special attention to the fact that the writers’ language and style are relevant and accurate in highlighting the qualities of the petitioner, as this will be used by the court to decide the case.

Free Character Reference Letter (for Court) Template Samples

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Free Character Reference Letter (for Court) Template Samples

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