Cover Letter For After School Computer Consultant

Here’s a cover letter written by a high school student named Scott. He’s a computer whiz looking for part-time work.

His mother’s friend, Cynthia, told him about a woman who needs ongoing help with her home office computer. So Scott put together a short resume and wrote this friendly cover letter to introduce himself and suggest that she hire him part-time (after school and on weekends).

What works especially well in this letter is its tone. From the way Scott writes, we can tell that he’s a friendly person, has a sense of humor, loves working with computers, and doesn’t give up on a problem until it’s solved. If he sent a letter like this to me, I couldn’t resist saying, “Let’s meet.” See what you think.

Sample Cover Letter for After-School Computer Consultant

Scott Luego
123 Filby Dr.
Prescott, TN 12345

December 5, 20xx

Joyce Rupenski, Editor
123 Terrace Way
Prescott, TN 12345

Dear Ms. Rupenski,

I want to be your “computer guy.” Cynthia Watson told me that you’re looking for someone who can come to your home office to answer your software questions and fix any hardware problems. I can do that for you!

I’d like to stress that in addition to the jobs shown on my enclosed resume, I have a natural ability in the computer field. I love solving technical problems and always seem to get to the bottom of things. (I started taking apart electronic gadgets and putting them back together when I was 12.)

I’m available to work after school on weekdays and over the weekends. Please let me know if you still need someone and if I can come by to talk to you about the job.

Thank you!

Scott Luego

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