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For everything in your life you need a plan right? The same is said for business. Every company, whether a startup or a valuable organization needs a business plan . To know where you’re going, you need to know where you came from and what happened before you. Here are some elements of a successful business plan.

1. Executive Summary. This is a summary of one or two pages of your business plan. It is best done when you finished all the details of the plan.

2. Description of the business. You must include and define various aspects of service offerings, the story of your field or any current event, your personal goals and objectives. This section is the backbone of your business plan and prepare the stage for the rest of the information.

3. Products and services. All have a product or service that you offer to a potential customer. You must be able to describe what you sell and identify what makes your product unique.

4. Sales and marketing. This section is very important. It opens the window to the industry, the state of the market, overall costs and gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. While working in this section, you understand that as people go through the physical store and see what happens in the business, visitors to your web site can also view your merchandise and recognize your personal branding.

Make your website is your online store in thought and action.

– You can provide samples or demonstrations of your product.
– Graphics and / or photographs of visual marketing materials.
– The URL (web address) is your “location”.
– The equipment you use and methods of delivery of products are tools manufacturing and shipping.
– Navigating the site is like a sampler of the physical store.
– If you have a site map can help people to find what they want.
– If you show testimonials, affiliations and experience in easily accessible areas your website the customer will trust you more.

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Submit your contact information allows people to do business with you. Give detailed information about you, even when you’re in the presence of a potential client, primea gives the impression of your personality. Instead of just think of your site as a mat to put your name, make it better and see it as an online store, where businesses are achieved.

5. Operations. The purpose of this section is to help highlight the administrative side of your business, including how operas, where is your office, equipment, legal relationships, provider network, etc.

6. Management Team. If you have some counselors or people to help you hobble your business, this is where you understand your involvement and ability to contribute to your success. If there is a hierarchy of positions within your company, you must detail it and the relevance of each relationship.

7. Development. This is where you dream a little. Not everything in this section is based on the facts as information that had given in other sections. Into the future and think big. The development is an important part of the business to remain competitive, so make sure you spend some time writing this.

8. Financial Summary. Back to reality! You need to provide a history of your financial dealings, investments and how you managed to get the position you have now. With some flexibility, you’ll know how to operate your business and see your financial statement, including things are balanced at the end of each month, the health of your business and cash flow.

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