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This cover letter sample was written in response to a newspaper ad. It could easily be adapted for responding to an online job post. Hal (the fictitious author of this letter) did a little research to discover that the name of the President and CEO at BEST Trucking is James Johnson. Having that piece of info made his letter even better since he was able to address his letter to him.

This letter is both friendly and professional — the perfect blend for a Controller

Hal Collins
3364 Telegraph Avenue
Charlotte, VA 12345

August 3, 20xx

Mr. James Johnson
President and CEO
BEST Trucking, Inc.
485 Fortuna Blvd.
Cambridge, VA 12345

Dear Mr. Johnson,

When you placed the ad in the East Coast Times for controller, were you hoping to find someone who thinks on his feet and comes up with good solutions, even when under pressure? I thought so.

Fourteen years of experience as a controller at the city’s leading produce distributor has taught me how to manage large overhead and constant financial activity. As you can imagine, in a business that deals with perishables, the cash flow fluctuates quickly and greatly. I would love to show you my record of cash flow management at Associated Growers.

I suspect you will be out of town next week for the big transportation convention. I’d like to call you the week after to see when we can meet. I trust that my attached resume will serve as a good introduction until we speak in person.

Thank you!

Hal Collins

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