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Here’s a cover letter email and matching resume sample that Laura wrote to find an office management job in the holistic health and beauty field. Notice how Laura uses some good writing techniques and email formatting to highlight her office management strengths and her passion for holistic health.

Here are things to note about this cover letter email:

  • Laura doesn’t need to include the date and inside addresses since she’s sending her resume and cover letter via email.
  • The very first thing Laura does in her message is to mention Jane Irvine, a friend she has in common with her reader, Mr. Cape. This is a smart way to create a connection with her reader.
  • By saying that she trusts Jane Irvine’s recommendation, she implies that Mr. Cape might do the same.
  • Laura copies lines from her resume and pastes them into the body of her email. Then she massages them a bit to make her profile flow nicely.
  • She mentions that she’s attached her resume to be sure Mr. Cape doesn’t overlook it.
  • Notice the excuse she gives in her closing sentence for calling him the next day. It’s honest and opens the door to discussing the job opening and perhaps a job interview.

Laura’s Email Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Cape,
Jane Irvine mentioned you’re looking for an office manager for your growing holistic health and beauty supply company. She suggested I email you my resume.

Jane and I have known each other professionally and personally for about seven years, so I value her recommendation that Beyond Beauty, Inc. and I might be a good employment fit.

Briefly, here is my profile:

  • 10 years’ experience offering outstanding service to diverse clients (7 years as Pacific Operations Manager of Wilderness Adventures in Seattle and 3 years as Front Desk Manager of The Tea Garden Spa in Tiburon).
  • A lifelong passion for holistic healing and a keen interest in beauty products and services that enhance a balanced lifestyle.
  • Excellent telephone and in-person skills; able to quickly establish rapport with clients, identify needs, and match them with appropriate resources.
  • Highly organized, efficient, and energetic; able to create office systems that improve workflow and enhance the overall environment.

My resume is attached. I’ll give you a call tomorrow to be sure you got this.
Thank you!
Laura Thomas

Best Office Manager Cover Letter Examples | LiveCareer

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Office Manager Cover Letter Sample | Resume Companion

Best Office Manager Cover Letter Examples | LiveCareer

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