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Although cover letter templates exist for a variety of different purposes, many people still use the word doc format. Why are so many people using this?

You have probably been using Word Doc for years, but you might be surprised by what you’re actually doing wrong. Most of us just assume that the template is there for a reason, like making it easier to use. But the reality is that it’s there for one reason: to help people create their cover letters.

In a word doc file, the template does do its job, but it doesn’t do the job well. All it does is make it easier for people to fill out their forms.

With Word Doc, it’s more difficult to figure out how to work it all together. Most people don’t know how to move from one part of the page to another, and they also don’t know how to use the formatting tool in the Word icon.

Word Doc is good at formatting your page, but it doesn’t do much else. It’s designed for layout designers, not copywriters. And that’s where it falls short.

A good alternative is an online database that lets you input a custom template and get back a custom resume. The advantage of using a template is that you get an easy-to-use, customized design that’s optimized for the purpose it was created for.

Cover letter templates can also make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful job interview. You might consider using a template to make your resume stand out above the rest.

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By using a template to fill out your resume, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake. If you make a mistake in your cover letter, you won’t be able to change the formatting in Word, so you lose the opportunity to tell the employer why you’re the best person for the job.

Using a cover letter template makes it easy to look professional, so you can easily avoid errors in your resume. A template gives you more flexibility and lets you customize it to suit your needs.

Make sure that the cover letter template you choose is well-designed and well-organized. The template should let you create a custom resume for the job you’re applying for, and it should allow you to move easily from one section of the document to another.

As with any template, the template should be easy to use. When you want to do something complex with the template, make sure that it’s easy to modify.

A good template will help you make your resume stand out from the rest. Try a free resume template today and see how easy it is to design your cover letter!

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