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If you are in the process of hiring staff for your company, you will spend a long time looking for applicants. However, the call for candidates is efficient (and not an endless and confusing process), it is essential to draft a job description specifies that later can post on labor recruitment channels. Besides save time, have a clear job description before you begin the hiring process will help you choose the best candidate for the position.

Usually a job description includes two areas: a summary of the responsibilities of the position and a list of the main functions that the employee should play.

It is worth spending time and effort to study in detail the job description. vague or incorrect description, it will be much harder to match a candidate with the job, because the future employee will not be sure what the job entails.

In addition, if properly perform this work will be very useful to attach to employee manuals, so that everyone has a clear idea of what is expected of them.

To compose a work environment, it is important that you present these four points:

Avoid generalizations

It is as specific as possible when you describe the duties and responsibilities that the employee must comply. Think in terms of the benefits it will bring to your organization or to your customers and clients. For example, do not describe an employee of a video store simply as someone dedicated to “rent videos to customers.” Instead, if you use something like “help customers choose movies that can like them to share their knowledge of recent or classic films,” you will know you need someone to enchant you the movies and pass on their enthusiasm to the clients.

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Define your priorities

Once you’ve created a list of responsibilities and tasks , sort them according to their importance. Start with the skills that are inherent to the position that it needs to cover. This way you will know what is required to perform it successfully, which is simply desirable and what may be actually irrelevant.

Hiring is often a problem of compensating advantages and disadvantages; therefore, the definition of priorities will help you determine what may or may not be dispensable.

Use measurable criteria

Be explicit about the kind of performance you want in a person, and whenever possible, find ways to quantify those criteria with numbers or dates. Otherwise, you may find that you hired someone who can perform the necessary tasks, but is deficient in productivity or performance. For example, will an account manager be working with one, four or ten accounts at once? Do you expect a counter update accounts receivable daily, weekly or monthly?

Seeks help

Get together with others who will be managing or interacting with the new employee to find out what should be, in your opinion, its main functions. Who are in direct contact with someone often know more about what everyday skills required to perform a job successfully. You will find that this contribution is invaluable.

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