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How to write a love letter ? The declarations of love , occasionally or not Valentine’s Day , do not happen necessarily in front of the girl or boy you love. Sometimes it is better to send a letter love to the beloved. And it’s so romantic to write or receivelove letter  ! Sometimes even a few words of love enough. But beware there are some rules to follow if one wants his statement is a favorable outcome. Advice declare his love through a letter.

Write a love letter

Often face to the person that we love , eye to eye, we dare not reveal his love, fearing a mocking smile, a dumbfounded air, a negative response and worse was afraid of being rejected. Few have the courage and comfort needed to make what they feel. In a love letter it is obviously possible to speak more freely …

But it must be clear?

Before you write a letter of love   it is better still to test the feelings of the other.

If you write a love letter to someone who is madly in love with another or another, or who does not support you, you will inevitably to disaster.

Declaration of love

The love letter you write should first talk to someone in particular and not someone who does not look like him. The object of your love should recognize it.

So forget generalities, spread the poems famous or not you find in books, letters , the writer of letters or love letters written by your best friend.

The feelings that you describe in this letter must necessarily be related to her or him.

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As part of a love letter (and in all things that matter) is nothing more annoying than someone that spans pages and pages about what he feels or thinks.

OK to say you’re in love, but never lose sight of what matters the Other! The subject of the letter is always him!

love letter should necessarily have the main subject or the one vou s like.

What to write?

Put in relief (without exaggeration or flattery) the qualities of the Other and replace as much as possible by the TU JE.

Do not hesitate to project yourself into the future with the object of your love : mention of the projects you want to set.

Make dream!

Lack of inspiration?

You do not know what to write  ?

Think about that or the one you love, the first time you’ve seen, the memories shared, lived together in situations where he or she has impressed you. He was attentive?

His intelligence has seduced you?

Its beauty has amazed you?

He or she demonstrated courage?

In your declaration of love, say so!

Emphasize its features.

Express your admiration and love for her or him.

But be sincere.

Listen to your heart .

Do not write anything

Words fly and writings remain!

Some, listening only to their heart tend to pack into a love letter, and say more than they should.

Be careful. The day you write a love letter mention your feelings , in your interest to another, but do not indulge too much, and especially do not reveal anything that you should regret later.

So no question of indulging in flaming erotic delusions. Keep your fantasies for you … or for when you can satisfy the

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Poem or love letter?

Contrary to popular belief, the style is not so important. Is not a poet or writer who wants!

Your love letter should reflect your personality. Why not not use a humorous, original, light or matter if it is yours?

Be yourself !

letter personal will certainly more fun than a text of a novelist of the nineteenth century! Keep it simple: avoid scientific or pompous words.

While writing a love letter


– A printed letter. L A written letter hand is needed

– Long sentences.

– Illegible handwriting

– the repetitions

– spelling mistakes

– The letters of more than 2 pages: no romance!

– The writer quotes

– Raw and vulgar words

Write on any paper?

You can write a love letter on any paper while avoiding red (a little forced in intent) a paper schoolboy tiles, a stationery for children with illustrations or worse a sheet of paper torn from a block.

By choosing a plain white or pastel paper you will not go wrong.

Writing with pen what?

As long as you do not use a pencil, any pen (felt or ink) is acceptable.

Avoid still ballpoint pen red or green!

How to start the letter?

The header

If you still know little about the object of your love, it is not about to start the letter by an article as possessive “my” or “Ma”.

Start the letter by writing only his first name.

Use the words “My Love  ” or “Sweetheart” only if your relationship has started. No familiarity!

The text

Do not procrastinate: go right ahead!

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Start by mentioning the first day you met and the effect that this meeting had on you: “Since I met you, I can not stop thinking about you … you …

After that

Then? Evoke the meeting, the effect she (or he) has had on you and its many qualities.Finally, propose a meeting.

Finish the letter

No way to write  : “I kiss you everywhere! “Ni” kisses “and even less” big kiss “. “I kiss you” enough.

Or you can forget the hugs and simply write “I love you.”

Do not forget to sign !!!

Sign the letter

Even in an email, it is more elegant to sign.

You’re certainly not obligated to put your family name, your first name is enough, or you can sign a qualifier eg your friend, your lover, the man who loves you, etc.

But if the Other does not know you very well, especially if your name is common, if you want him or her to answer, do not forget to rate the top of the letter, left your first and last name, and below your details (your choice of phone number, email address and postal address).


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