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Here’s a cover email to a nonprofit that serves hearing impaired clients. When Christine saw that the organization had posted a job opening for a multimedia consultant, it struck a chord.

Christine is hearing impaired and has a strong technical background. She’s skilled at on- and off-line media such as website design, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and social media. She seems like a perfect fit for the job!

Sometimes a brief cover email is all that’s needed to introduce an attached resume. That was the case for Christine. She felt that mentioning her personal interest in working with people with hearing disabilities along with a short list of her technical skills would be enough to trigger interest in her resume.

Notice that Christine put her key technical skills in a list with a dash in front of each one. She used the dash instead of a bullet point because bullet points sometimes disappear when transferred to another email system. The dash point, however, will stick and has the same effect of drawing attention to her skills.

Christine did not attach a formal cover letter, just her resume. Since she’s applying to a small nonprofit, it’s likely that if the hiring manager wants to show her resume to someone else in the organization, she will simply forward Christine’s email to that person.

Here’s Christine’s email cover letter.

Dear Ms. Miller,
The attached resume is in response to the job posting for multimedia consultant, which I saw on I have a personal interest in working with those who are hearing impaired, and would consider this opportunity a merging of my technical and personal abilities.

My technical experience includes:
– Website development and maintenance
– PowerPoint presentations
– Social media
– Webinars

Please call or email me to discuss a time to speak in person.
Thank you!
Christine Hopkins

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