Curriculum Vitae Template

Curriculum vitae samples, and even letter examples are a type of resume and Curriculum vitae writings. This writing applications, an exhaustive appreciation of what can get needed when preparing their applications and Curriculum vitae Most college programs or job ads will require that the student or job seeker has to put up your resume or cover letter effective as part of a test to determine if you are qualified for admission or job. So the students or job seekers must help close attention to the requirements of the course or the vacancy to explore on hand. Remember that, besides your qualifications, your Curriculum vitae may be the only tool you use to other candidates will be defeat.

Example Curriculum vitae have different abilities. These are all concerned about the subject or discipline or the particular type of work that has advertised depend. Considering curriculum vitae examples makes it possible for the students or job seekers to build a rule about what is required of them.

What is the rationale for sampling of Curriculum vitae? It was observed that most students go for admission to college without a thorough knowledge of what the program says. Even if they know what the program is talking, they are usually faced with stiff competition from equally qualified applicants. All this will continue, that it complicated by the fact limited position with numerous applicants. It will therefore be put to the students good resume to make his or her chances for admission better choice. This is one and faced the same problem of job seekers.

The most common place to find these Curriculum vitae Samples, is the Internet. However, not everything should be familiar from the Internet. Note that this probably could from people who are less qualified than you have written. This is one more reason why it is always good to evaluate what you find on the Internet prior to use. There are some sites that will be ready to get your money without you with what you. For the search One thing that you should know is that it is not easy, especially when you are dealing with the Internet to avoid such practices. Always try to look at a sample to the front, an order and make sure that the sample meets what you want.

The fact is about the search to this sample that this may be what is going to be a line between your application and to draw the other of. Always remember that looking for a job of your choice is something that is not easy. Therefore, if you over which the have the option of your value to prove to others, it is necessary to put in the best. Note that there is always competition. The cover letter is the only means by which one can outsmart all other applicants. Many applicants find samples of the utmost importance, since they are aware of the fact that that is what they take to where they want.

Curriculum vitae samples should not be used exclusively, put on by students or job seekers. Each program or job opening has its own form of the provision or acceptance of candidates to fill the position. These samples are simply meant to serve your resume writing as a guide.

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8+ CV Templates [Curriculum Vitae Updated for 2019]

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8+ CV Templates [Curriculum Vitae Updated for 2019]

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template


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Business Thank You Letter

A stamp and 50 words you can thousands of dollars. No matter how big your or small your marketing budget, you can not miss the most powerful and cost-effective relationship building tool – a simple business thank you letter.

Sending business thank you notes is an efficient, cost effective way to:

– Customer loyalty

– Improving supplier relationships

– Increasing work efficiency

– Bring new business

– Increase frequency of purchases

1) Helps assure unique customers in lifelong customer and shortens the time between shopping. If a service or sell products such as makeup or other renewable products thanking your customer after the first sale can assure you keep the customer for a lifetime.

2) Business thank you cards or letter can increase your customer referrals. A business thank you letter is great non-intrusive way to increase your sales and referrals. Always send a thank you letter to a customer or business partner, a customer refers to you (and if there is a big customer is a thank you would not hurt). referred Every bit of business costs you nothing in advertising or sales commission.

Often a referral thank you, especially from a work colleague, is best sent with a gift. The most elaborate thank you is for the first transfer. Think. To the commission paid to a sales representative for the sale or the cost of advertising, would to win this new customer Plus, word gets around fast when referral gifts are sent. Here you find other people send you even more referrals.

3) improve sales during the off season and slow months. Thank you with a coupon to loyal customers during your slow season is a great way to increase sales and customer appreciation. It is a win-win.

You can have a current coupon with a note or for a personal touch, you can write Send a greeting card that contains the map of the coupon.

4) Increase the effectiveness of your convention campaigns.

5) Gets the edge over the competition and keeps your name in front of decision records.

Just a quick thank you card can make all the difference in the world. Add it to the follow-up information you promised to send his own.

Business Thank You Letter Examples


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Sample Business Thank You Letter – 12+ Free Word, Excel, PDF

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Sample Business Thank You Letter – 12+ Free Word, Excel, PDF

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Sample Business Thank You Letter – 12+ Free Word, Excel, PDF

Teacher Resume Examples

The teaching profession has always been held in high esteem. After all, these people give their knowledge and warmth of children are actively involved in the development of a young person. Teacher recruitment, his resume is considered very carefully. So Just likely teacher resume example this below.

It is not easy for job seekers is necessary and in the interview with management.

Example professor CV: Highlights

write a CV sample of teachers so that the interest of a potential employer? For this document does not provide a unique shape. Therefore, the applicant has the right to create a resume in any form.

Business recruitment experts are invited to pay attention to the design. It is well structured document is easily noticeable, and the attitude of its owner involuntarily positive.

clear presentation and brief information in the resume of the sample of teachers described the candidate as an organized man, prudent and responsible that appreciates over time. And these qualities are very important for those organizing the education process of children. Important appearance and teacher, so it is advisable to place the teacher’s upper left corner of the sample resume your photo size 5 × 4 (shape, both documents).

Not worth mentioning the presence of previous employment recommendations, copies can be applied to the job, but to provide original in the interview.

create a resume sample Teacher

To view the document on our website structure, you can upload a resume sample of teachers. Then, on the basis of its own written summary, which should reflect the following information:

• The applicant’s full name, date of birth;

• Seed position and the presence of minor children;

• contact information (phone number, the actual home address, email address);

• The purpose filing separately (for occupancy teaching positions);

• Information on work experience: the work period, the institution’s name, position, functions. The specification is in order, starting with the last job;

• professional success: writing scientific papers, guidelines, price of the occupation during competitions;

• recommendations from former employers. They are both written and oral (in this case indicates the name and the former head of the phone);

• Information on education: University, year of graduation, specialty. In this section you can enter information on training courses, seminars, training;

• skills: knowledge of foreign languages, level of computer skills and office equipment, software;

• Personal data: restraint, sociability, balance, diligence, commitment, fairness, self-discipline, morality, responsibility, punctuality.

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Tenant Letter Template

As a landlord, it is important to have and maintain effective communication with your tenants. There are some questions that you communicate verbally to your tenants. However, if there is a serious question or problem, or if you change a policy about when rent is due, you should communicate with your tenant in writing. This ensures that there is no confusion and gives your tenants something to refer back to any time.

instructions tenant

  • a header to the letter in your tenant. The header should have a section titled “How”, includes the name and address of the tenant, and a “From” -. Section containing your name and address
  • Put a note at the beginning of the include letter when it needs to respond within a specified time period. For example, the letter might say: “The letter must be answered within 10 days of receipt.” The consequence are unable to do the disclaimer.
  • Add all the necessary details to the body of the letter. Maybe are responding to did not receive the request of a tenant to inform them that you rent, the information about the status of their deposit or a number of other reasons. Ask required as much detail as for tenants to understand the purpose of the letter.
  • Repeat all the actions that must take place after receipt of the letter of the tenants.
  • Type “Landlord” of the closure, such as “Sincerely”. Tab over a couple of rooms and type “Date”.
  • Print the letter to your tenant. Sign your name above the word “Landlord” and write the date on the word “date” before the letter.

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Thank You Letter After Rejection

Upon receipt of a cancellation, it is not necessary to respond. However, in some cases, the rejection letter may have been formulated as a response one. For example, the rejection can offer some advice or an invitation to tender to have them submit again. When this is done and you want to try, you can write a thank you letter to confirm their rejection and advice or request. Whenever writing back, keep your tone polite and professional.

instructions Thank you Letter

  • formally and professionally, who gave you the refusal address the letter. Follow all correct letter guidelines, including putting your full address and the full address and date of the receiver on the top.
  • Keep it short. Thank you letters should not be long and involved. Come to the point, and thank you whoever you are writing for their kind rejection. Thank them for their time when looking at your work or project.
  • Thank the person for any further information that he may have given you, if applicable. Remember that the person who had rejected your work not a reason -or- input so if you received all he did to be so helpful to give. Thank him, even if you do not agree with his advice.
  • Finish the letter with a polite request for more work, to send them in the future. This is mainly a formality, so do not expect an answer. However, it is polite to simply add something like: “. I hope you forward again in the future” If your refusal already an application was to be seen by you, just something like, “I hope in you the future work “or” I hope more of my work soon. “
  • with your full name Register your letter. “Sincerely” With sufficient.

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Barista Job Description

A barista, a term that originated in Italy, is a professional who prepares and serves coffee drinks, cappuccino and espresso, customers in the food service establishments. Barista positions have become very popular in the United States with the rise of the coffee house culture. Examples of companies that employee Barista Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Caribou Coffee are. A training is required, obtained employment as a barista is usually an entry-level position. In most cases, recruitment for office tasks are trained.

Coffee preparation

The most important duty of a barista is properly prepare coffee beverages in a quick manner. Much like a bartender is a barista to know that serves a variety of drink recipes in the property, where he works. Does he know, for example, the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. He must also know how safe the equipment required for the beverage, such. use an espresso machine. Besides using memorizing recipes and equipment, he must have knowledge of the coffee beans and teas. The textures and flavors of each of these foods are different depending on the region of the world where they are grown. also, vary their flavors as they are mixed and roasted as a result.

Customer service

In most operated a barista interacts directly with customers. You must each be welcomed in a pleasant and professional manner and take their orders. offered Relying on their knowledge of the various drinks, recommending drinks to customers, based on their individual tastes. Operating a cash register, they collect their money, make changes, and you a receipt. Depending on the offers of the Coffee Bar, they can offer diffusers snacks and other merchandise such as mugs, coffee and tea.


A barista is handles ensuring that the institution where he works, is clean. He wipes, countertops and tables, even to sweep and mop the floor and take the trash. When programs like coffee beans, paper cups and food to the plant will be delivered, he grabs them. In a manner of his employer he puts each item in the correct location. He also supplies customers items such as straws, spoons and napkins, as well Accomaniments drink like milk, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Barista Job Description


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Coffee House Supervisor Job Description


House Supervisor extend far over open and close the front doors every day. Managing a successful shop supervisor must various aspects of the economy and employees. Customers must be treated properly. Products must be high quality; Equipment must be carefully maintained; and the shop must be by government regulations.

Equipment maintenance

The main sign of good Coffeeshop– and a good manager – is equipment running smoothly and efficiently. This is particularly important in a cafe, as many other hospitality fields, since the accuracy of the coffee directly affects taste. So espresso machines tuned for perfect recordings – Between 17 and 21 seconds – to review and adjust accordingly. This must be done several times a day, and you can train employees on how to do it when you’re not there. Another maintenance item is out the drip coffee maker cleaning. By changing the types of coffee brewed in any flavor begins to contaminate Cross and your product is not his best. Clean the pots every day to maintain the integrity of the taste. Other maintenance, parts cleaning are frap, machines, mixers, dispensers, syrup tops, refrigerators and other machines. In your shop


The work per employee schedule is boring for some, but necessary for a smooth operation. It must be received on Saturday will be available for the next week of business, and it helps it. E-mail to each team member If you have on the wall just above, there is a greater chance of misunderstandings and employee no-shows. Almost everyone has e-mail and checked frequently, so this is a good way to communicate. While you create the schedule, fair and try to honor employee requests. Of course, you can not always make everyone happy, but you can try to accommodate.

Enforcement of the rules

It is very important to ensure that your employees are following company protocol. Check how each dressed and cared for work to arrive any day. If you spot deficiencies, set the rules directly, but friendly, with the right tone and language. Employees make happy is not a priority for some managers, but that is highly counterproductive attitude. Your employees are the heart of the company. A happy team is like a happy environment and more satisfied customers.

state compliance

One of the most important aspects of managing a coffee shop is keeping the store by the status code for the health. Each state has its own rules, but they have much in common. You must keep the memory up to par in cleanliness and hygiene. You need the bleach level in sponges and rags fairs; storing meat, vegetables and cheese at the correct temperature; Elimination of cross-contamination; make employees constantly to sanitize their hands and wear socks; and just keep sales shop clean overall.Familiarize yourself with your state checklist so you can keep the memory in constant harmony. Because you do not know when the inspector is visiting. Additionally, you need to take a class and a test, the approval of a food manager. You must see that your employees allowed to do the same, receive food handler. Otherwise, your business could get shut down. to treat all this properly and run a coffee shop safe, happy and sanitation.

coffee shop resume


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Bar Manager Job Description

Job Objective Accounting Supervisor

An accounting supervisor oversees accounting business functions that include management and reporting system, journal entry equilibrium include preparation, reconciliation and activities with respect to a period. It can also monitor a team of professionals of accounting. To work effectively to write goals for an Accounting Supervisor, are your employees in the process and ensure that the objectives of the department and company oriented overall strategies. Objectives of the body should also, what you want to reach the people and some actions, how to achieve them.

instructions Accounting Supervisor

  • repetition and reinforcing understanding of the entire company strategy plan and finance department objectives and priorities.
  • Analysis of accounting and strengthen and to identify opportunities. Examples of accounting for evaluating work. Feedback from internal clients and colleagues.
  • Check the skills experience and performance of the Accounting Supervisor compared to barbecue Description expectations to work. Check performance reviews. Identifying strengths, important benefits and personal development opportunities.
  • Identify five divisions and focus for the next six to twelve months. Check what you want to start the Accounting Supervisor, terminate, modify or continue. Make sure these priorities align and support the finance department and the overall company objectives.
  • Ask create your Accounting Supervisor and submitting recommendations to the objectives of the site. To compare these recommendations with your list and make any changes necessary.
  • Create a formal Mission objectives document. Start each lenses statement with a verb action and clearly describe the behaviors or activities that await you. Job objectives should be specific, measurable and achievable. For example, “improve the accuracy of the reporting of the system. Reduce the error rate of 3% to less than 1% within six months.”
  • discussed together with the Accounting Supervisor and agreed to specific action steps that it will take to achieve the objectives of the site. This includes many, participation in training, the guidance of an adviser or mirroring is looking for a more experienced employee. These actions add to the job objectives document.

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Job Description Examples

If you are in the process of hiring staff for your company, you will spend a long time looking for applicants. However, the call for candidates is efficient (and not an endless and confusing process), it is essential to draft a job description specifies that later can post on labor recruitment channels. Besides save time, have a clear job description before you begin the hiring process will help you choose the best candidate for the position.

Usually a job description includes two areas: a summary of the responsibilities of the position and a list of the main functions that the employee should play.

It is worth spending time and effort to study in detail the job description. vague or incorrect description, it will be much harder to match a candidate with the job, because the future employee will not be sure what the job entails.

In addition, if properly perform this work will be very useful to attach to employee manuals, so that everyone has a clear idea of what is expected of them.

To compose a work environment, it is important that you present these four points:

Avoid generalizations

It is as specific as possible when you describe the duties and responsibilities that the employee must comply. Think in terms of the benefits it will bring to your organization or to your customers and clients. For example, do not describe an employee of a video store simply as someone dedicated to “rent videos to customers.” Instead, if you use something like “help customers choose movies that can like them to share their knowledge of recent or classic films,” you will know you need someone to enchant you the movies and pass on their enthusiasm to the clients.

Define your priorities

Once you’ve created a list of responsibilities and tasks , sort them according to their importance. Start with the skills that are inherent to the position that it needs to cover. This way you will know what is required to perform it successfully, which is simply desirable and what may be actually irrelevant.

Hiring is often a problem of compensating advantages and disadvantages; therefore, the definition of priorities will help you determine what may or may not be dispensable.

Use measurable criteria

Be explicit about the kind of performance you want in a person, and whenever possible, find ways to quantify those criteria with numbers or dates. Otherwise, you may find that you hired someone who can perform the necessary tasks, but is deficient in productivity or performance. For example, will an account manager be working with one, four or ten accounts at once? Do you expect a counter update accounts receivable daily, weekly or monthly?

Seeks help

Get together with others who will be managing or interacting with the new employee to find out what should be, in your opinion, its main functions. Who are in direct contact with someone often know more about what everyday skills required to perform a job successfully. You will find that this contribution is invaluable.

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7 tips for hiring the ideal candidate

It is increasingly escalates the lack of opportunities to new graduates professionals from the contractor market because there is no wage-correlation functions; labor demand for a vacancy vs. applicants is to laugh. Therefore, cover a square has become an investment of time and money from candidate companies.

We must at all costs avoid staff turnover and make our procurement more effective in not so long time.

Here I present some tips for recruiters to find the right candidate for the position they want:

1. candidate for Resumes

Regularly candidates tend to overstate the level of experience they have and sometimes the recruiter does not investigate in depth the whole file. As a business owner this can cause you headaches in the future. So keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Immediately discard candidates that adorn your resume with details like flowers or fretwork as this only serves to distract from the content and if you wonder what would be the ideal CV could tell you is the one who brings the following points:

  • Personal profile complete
  • Personal objectives.
  • Career goals.
  • specific work experience to the required position (no matter that put us who worked in a pizzeria children).
  • Most recent studies and courses inherent to the position applied for (at this point the kindergarten and certificate courses macrame records do not serve).
  • personal references and previous work.

2. Profile post

Before you start your search you must take into account the position you want to cover and the skills required. Do not try to find the person that conforms to 100% because you will not find; hires that most closely matches your work and remember that once this is done it will enable it to reach 100% of desired consistency.

3. Effective Questions

One of the most common mistakes is the lack of planning by the recruiter and this is often due to the haste with which we are asked to fill a vacancy. This is not always effective. Make preplanning of the questions do you approach the skills you require, do not forget to make sure the meaning of your skills. For example, for many companies that you take a pencil company is breach of trust and theft and take it as a value thereof and for employee theft or breach of trust is to take money or say or do something to name of the company. So simple we can fail to ask and receive the correct answer.

4. Qualified Recruiter

This is a very important part because many families and SME companies whose main error that the owner must give its approval and even interview any person to hire. I invite you to invest in a companyoutsourcing you advise or do the work for you, but professionally.

5. Tools

Not enough to take a look at a candidate or who come recommended by the cousin of a friend, go to the tools that the market offers for competency assessment according to your needs, rely on psychometric tests, practical tests, assessment , etc. And do not forget that it is important that the candidate meet with his direct boss as it will be with him who has the working relationship. Nope !, do not let the responsibility for hiring him and you’d be falling the previous error.Something you should consider are both professional and personal references as it will give a wider range of the candidate’s personality and how people see optics.

6. Negotiation

This part is essential because many recruiters feel owners of the company and think they are doing you a favor by hiring you and are a big mistake because the success they hire the best element is to give its place as a piece that will of the performance of the company and therefore the results. Contract because I agree with the benefits package and you hire me because I cover the search profile according to the required skills. Do not forget to make it clear in the interview what you offer Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, and so on warning no deceit. You never offer something that you will not be able to offer with the thought “on the fly what we are seeing.” If you are clear and you make sure you know to understand, believe me you will thank you.

7. Experience not spare

A common mistake is to tell a candidate “I think this company is small for your experience,” your resume is very good, “but I think these overqualified for the job” or think “if I hire this person I have the risk of stay unemployed. ” Do not do this for any reason: first, there are no small businesses and to be saying this you are automatically disqualifying your own company.

On the other hand, it is a thousand times better if you think the candidate is overqualified, since experience and knowledge you have will be of great value to the company.

As we said earlier, there is no candidate profiles covering 100% but a prepared person will be closer investment so you do to train them will be less.