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Writing a reference letter for a friend is not just about putting their best face forward, the reader must be able to see through the mask, to get to the real person. You should be able to convey to your friend that they are a wonderful and unique individual who will be a good friend, but more importantly, you should be able to tell them why you feel they should be added to your list of contacts.

The personal style of each person on your list will make the writing process a bit different. Someone who speaks clearly and politely in writing will be a bit different from someone who is extremely aggressive in talking. A style guide can really help when you are writing this kind of letter, but it’s not something that should be rushed into.

Letters like these don’t come along too often, especially when they are written for a friend who is a businessman. Most business people can really use some good advice about what can help them succeed. When writing letters like this, you have to really think about the individual and their business practices and where they are headed in their career.

You may also want to consider asking the client for a reference letter for a friend. Ask them if they have one. If they don’t, you should ask them why not. They are probably not interested in that kind of information.

You should also consider setting up a do-not-call list on your list of contacts. If you are working in sales, you may want to take that list and put a contact on the list not to call. This is also great for keeping business. The difference between selling something and just hanging out with the company’s sales manager may be that of ethics.

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When you are writing a letter for a friend, you should also include a phone number and address so that the people on your list know that you mean business. You may want to have someone at the beginning of the letters’ run, make copies of the letter and do research about the company. You might even want to send one to any potential clients so that you have a back up.

It may be easier for you to start out by sending one to the top ten clients. Use your contacts to find out their problems and solutions. Use your base on your list as a way to get your name in front of the potential clients.

Always try to write your letters as honestly as possible. You want to give a reason as to why you should be added to your friend’s list. Use good grammar and always remember that an online presence is a very powerful weapon to use in marketing your company.

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