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Not for nothing nice time prior to a job interview . A mixture of anxiety and excitement that is more like what feels after having lived an accident and less like what it feels after having a child.

However, all is not lost. In two years I spent over 30 interviews, and I’m still alive. So it seemed a good idea to analyze and share some advice on the subject.

1. arrives earlier than expected: it is always better to wait to be expected, and it also speaks well of you professionally.

2. Get dressed according to the company : everyone will tell you to always bring suit (if you are male), but there are special places such as advertising agencies and some media- where can dress as formally be counterproductive.

3. Bring resume and work: sometimes one can believe that as already sent by email, or because already filled out a form, take printed is not necessary.  a portfolio or portfolios of work (accounting, artistic or otherwise while not dealing with confidential information) is never over.

4. Question everything: usually not openly or real wages speech or dates of entry , or second interviews. For some strange reason, we wait for the interviewer to tell us, but often that does not happen. It is always necessary to ask about future interviews in the process, time to formally enter and get papers, whether it will be for fees or payroll and any other questions. It does not look like ignorance, but as interest.

5.Do not let examinations and tests afterwards: what can overtake psychometric, knowledge and so on. In the worst case, if you do not stay, it is very likely that other companies have exactly the same test model, so it can take as training.

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6. Try to talk about another topic: it is always good to be liked . You will not come out being the best friend of your interviewer, but if not stay in that job have a new contact.

7. Human Resources vs. your next likely boss: many interviews I’ve had have been with agencies or HR area. However, the most productive, and have more weight than they have been with my next likely leaders. You really should make it clear what you expect and what it will bring.

8. Do not lie: it sounds obvious, but it is not. We tend to adapt to what they expect of us a job. So if you talk about such a program, process skill required for the job, we tend to say yes we can, but in fact we are half those skills. While it can work for employment in the long run it can be counter productive to not like what we do or become entangled with things that can not read . And remember you’re doing that for at least eight hours a day.

9. Do not worry: usually, the selection process of companies is relatively fair. If you are right, you’ll get the job. If not, remember that no one ideal for work and is a good opportunity to see other fields.


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