Barista Job Description

A barista, a term that originated in Italy, is a professional who prepares and serves coffee drinks, cappuccino and espresso, customers in the food service establishments. Barista positions have become very popular in the United States with the rise of the coffee house culture. Examples of companies that employee Barista Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Caribou Coffee are. A training is required, obtained employment as a barista is usually an entry-level position. In most cases, recruitment for office tasks are trained.

Coffee preparation

The most important duty of a barista is properly prepare coffee beverages in a quick manner. Much like a bartender is a barista to know that serves a variety of drink recipes in the property, where he works. Does he know, for example, the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. He must also know how safe the equipment required for the beverage, such. use an espresso machine. Besides using memorizing recipes and equipment, he must have knowledge of the coffee beans and teas. The textures and flavors of each of these foods are different depending on the region of the world where they are grown. also, vary their flavors as they are mixed and roasted as a result.

Customer service

In most operated a barista interacts directly with customers. You must each be welcomed in a pleasant and professional manner and take their orders. offered Relying on their knowledge of the various drinks, recommending drinks to customers, based on their individual tastes. Operating a cash register, they collect their money, make changes, and you a receipt. Depending on the offers of the Coffee Bar, they can offer diffusers snacks and other merchandise such as mugs, coffee and tea.

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A barista is handles ensuring that the institution where he works, is clean. He wipes, countertops and tables, even to sweep and mop the floor and take the trash. When programs like coffee beans, paper cups and food to the plant will be delivered, he grabs them. In a manner of his employer he puts each item in the correct location. He also supplies customers items such as straws, spoons and napkins, as well Accomaniments drink like milk, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Barista Job Description


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