7 steps to hire employee

The First Hire: How to Find the Right Startup Employee

The end of the year is approaching and with it, the big plans to start 2020 with successful actions that lead to your business to flourish. Your planning should focus in terms of management, sales,employee,  operation and very importantly, in human talent your company requires.

If you are hiring staff between your goals and do not know where to start, here are seven steps:

1. Review your finances to see if your company is likely to seek a new employee. If you do not have enough capital, you think a good employee can be a good investment to increase your sales and thus its integration, will be more than justified.

2. Make an assessment of the areas within your company that require more support or activities or tasks that are consuming excessive time and if someone could help this person productivity in the process.

3. Make a group session with people or areas that can benefit from hiring a person. Discuss what kind of profile they need, not necessarily in terms of education and experience, but based on competence, for example, leadership, teamwork, organization, language skills, technology, etc.

4. Make a description of the job that you want to cover. Example: Degree in Graphic Design for professional practice, with good presentation, ability to teamwork and problem solving.

5. Review the options to post your job opening . According to thes tudy of Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), job banks online are used by the largest number of Internet users to find work because they reduce the process of recruitment and selection, have greater visibility and reach and maintain security information. In addition, they offer affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.

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6. Take advantage of the technological tools that offer an online job boards. The largest offer evaluation skills of people who apply to your vacancy, so you can select and / or pre-filter potential candidates according to the level of compatibility between their profile and required for the position.

7. Publish your vacancy in the middle you have selected and start the interview process to select your new employee.

Remember that people are the most important in your business capital so you should spend time and effort to the process of hiring new employees.

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