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An Arabic teacher resume can be your ticket to getting the right job. A good resume will stand out in the crowd and get you that interview. Here are a few tips to help you keep your Arabic teacher resume as unique as possible.

Include any writings or published articles related to learning or teaching in your cover letter. Writing or having published works is a good way to boost your credibility. Always include your name and email address. Some companies prefer to have your complete contact information. Include it in bold face type.

Don’t rush your copy. Most applicants to send their resumes to the same employers and never hear back. If you are not getting a call back in six weeks, call the company to see if they need a teacher. Be professional and greet them with a warm welcome.

Teaching Arabic in an English speaking country is different than teaching in America. Your resume needs to highlight that difference. Spellcheck and grammar check should be performed before submitting the resume.

Send copies of your letters to different schools that are hiring. Enlist the services of a ghostwriter. This helps you save money and allows you to focus on being a good teacher. Write the letters with care and keep the dates straight.

Show the world how much you love to teach by wearing your teaching uniform. Wear a smiley face on your chest, wear a tie and smile. Be professional but confident and remember, when the employer sees your uniform, it will bring a smile to their face.

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Tip number five. The cover letter is your first impression. Make sure it really captures the attention of the reader. A professional letter can change the outcome of your application.

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Arabic Teacher Resume Samples | QwikResume


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Arabic Teacher Resume Samples | QwikResume

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