Cover Letter For Insurance Claims Consultant

This is a concise follow-up email to a phone call Cyndy had with Mr. Percy, a hiring manager at an insurance agency where Cyndy would like to work. She sent it off early the next morning to remind Mr. Percy of what they had spoken about, as well as to send her resume, which he had requested.

Today’s job search often requires this type of quick follow-up to a meeting or phone call. You don’t have to say a lot in your email — just enough to jog your reader’s memory about all the reasons he is interested in meeting with you. It’s also a way of giving him your contact info (email address and phone number) in writing so he has it in his records and can refer to it when he needs it.

So much of the success of your job search lies in being organized and helping the hiring manager be organized. It’s easily done if you present your qualifications and information in an easy-to-find format.

Cyndy achieves that in this short follow-up email/ cover letter. Take a look.

Follow-Up Email/Cover Letter for Insurance Claims Consultant

Dear Mr. Percy,

After speaking with you on the phone yesterday, I am interested in the position of Insurance Claims Consultant.

We discussed my extensive claims experience in areas of high liability, both in personal injury and automobile insurance. I also served as a consultant to attorneys, advising them on state legislation and industry lobbying efforts. Please see my attached resume for details.

I appreciate your consideration of my application. I look forward to your call about an interview appointment. My phone number is 123-555-1234.

Sincerely yours,

Cyndy Washington

Insurance Consultant Cover Letter Example

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Insurance Agent Cover Letter Sample | Resume Companion

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