Fast Food Restaurants Resume

Fast food restaurants employ millions of high school and College-Student. In fact is a fast-food job the quintessential first order of students everywhere. These jobs promote the acquisition of valuable experience that will be used to your advantage in other jobs on the street board. The also provide a fun, flexible environment in which it is easy to make friends. A well-written resume reason will help a fast-food-candidate stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to write to you.

instructions Fast food restaurants

  • Your full (first, middle, last) name at the top of your resume, along with your address and phone number. You can also e-mail address when you contact potential employers do not mind with you in this way.
  • List your work availability. This should be the first section of your resume. Remember that young people under 16 can not work more than 18 hours in a given week or three hours in a given day and must from work 7:00 pm during the school year and 9:00 pm during summer.
  • Write down the details of your training, from high school on up. Include names of schools attended, dates of attendance and whether you graduated or not.If a diploma or degree obtained, mention this as well.
  • Tell about your relevant experience. This can be taken classes at school, which would help you in a fast food restaurant, such as teaching mathematics, business classes or utility belong. Record this information in a bulleted list.
  • Make a list of the skills you have that would be useful for the work in fast food restaurants, such as the opportunity to talk to someone, a cheerful nature, attention to detail and a strong work ethic. Not only blow hot air, your employer may ask you to adopt examples during your consultation.
  • Write “Activities” section . This should any volunteer work you have done, organizations you belong to and extracurricular activities you participate include. Potential employers in fast food restaurants need to know about these things, as such ventures actually valuable work skills offer.
  • a section of references, name two or three people you know personally and not relatives. If you are a student, you should have your references adults. References should people who can positively comment on your character and abilities, and you should their contact information (with their permission, of course).

Tips & Warnings
When you have finished writing your resume, go over it at least twice, looking for any spelling and grammatical errors, and correct them. Then get someone else to do the same. Although this A resume for your first job, you still want a good first impression by creating a resume that polished and error-free It gives you the appearance of someone who will be a conscientious employee.

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Mortgage Payment Letters

Whether trying to mortgage payments or credit card debt, you need to consider some basic things to reduce while writing a letter. Debt payment reduction Letters should convey a decrease in the debt on the part of the letter writer, then a follow an actionable proposal and by, to reflect the commitment.

Accept your debt
The opening of a collection letter can often provide a declaration of understanding the debtor with respect to the debt. This sends a message to a lender that you have done your homework. A call to Capital One Collections department underlined the importance of this point. Ricky D., an agent with Capital One, summarizes: “If I have a letter, which clearly shows that they understand the debt and to understand to get the debts of their responsibility, [it] opens doors, together with them Threatening. , offensive or denying letter, the debt does not function correctly. “letters should start with a realistic statement of debt and its status.

explain the situation
In a letter to write, the debtor has the opportunity to explain why offer become a problem debt. Instead of excuses, explained clearly and directly reasons for the situation may often result in better response johnsinga. Bank of America collections specialist Roza G. says: “We are here to pass people at Bank of America, we understand things It.. is important, as fast as you can, why a debt repayment to be delayed in order to inform us. We can supply many different things to do, for those who are proactive on us. ”

Provide a reasonable solution
Many lenders willing to work with consumers who have debt problems to work. If a debt without extensive collection methods are settled, the lender may savings to consumers to pass One way to show a serious approach to solving a debt, it is a solution to offer. Explain the situation and offer reduced payments to make, until the situation happened. Miracles to expect from the lender but is wrong. While perhaps to bring a well-crafted letter a point or two reduction or an extended period, begging for immediate forgiveness of debt is less likely to succeed.

Keep the Committment
After writing a letter, keep a copy and include it with any correspondence with the lender. Also keeping obligations set out in the letter is critical to success. Those who can not comply with an obligation to pay a debt, even at negotiated rates, consolation may need in other resources, such as Consumer Credit Counseling Service-type of organization to look.

Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

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Artist Resume Template Sample

an resume artist reflects training, experience and talent. Your media – painting, sculpture, multimedia or photography – should determine your approach to the creation of a paper summary of your career and skills. Because most people reviewing your resume will be taken into account for job employment, you should your resume easy to read and understand, and be visually stimulating to you set of other artist-candidates.

instructions Resume Artist

Create a website to display your portfolio. You can create a single- or many-site for free on a blogging platform. Select a template designed to present images that could contain a slideshow. List your website address on your resume at the top of the page, including your name and contact information.

Insert your target, including your contact information. A resume aim is to use one of the elements again reviewers to determine whether they are suitable or position. Enter your goal – no more than a sentence or two – in clear, simple terms. If your goal is to use your training and experience to teach high school art, for example, stating no more than enough.
List the art galleries and museums that have been issued your work to date, starting with the newest exhibition. Categorize individual and group shows separately as individual exhibitions speak for the strength of your portfolio. List of exhibits displayed in the individual exhibits by title, medium, and the number. Include a list of honors and awards including exhibits. Showing art-related awards first, followed by awards for employment, academic and civic achievements.

Include your work experience under your list of awards. should recognize employment in chronological order, starting with the youngest. Name the employer, your title and the dates you worked for the employer followed by a brief job description. Generally you will experience the best job that you wish to purchase first topic list.

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Writing Your Resume

How to write a resume

Often, it takes no more than a moment for a recruiter to make a “yes” or “no” decision on your application. With a quick glance, either captures recruiters attention or going on a pile refuse. A well-written, professional resume is part of some art and science. How well do you combine the two pieces of an important role in how it is obtained.

Types and Best Practice Advice
Most resumes follow a chronological or functional format. Although the chronological style is widespread, new graduates, career changers and people re-entering the labor market more can enjoy the use of a functional format. The difference is that a chronological resume highlights work history and past career accomplishments, while a functional resume highlights your skills and education.
some best practice guidelines apply regardless of which format you choose.

This includes:
Keep your resume to no more than one page.
Concise text is important, so give information possible about the fewest words. For example, enumeration using lists with descriptive statements instead of complete sentences. but, not sacrifice, which means to achieve conciseness. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms.

Spelling addresses, titles and names of schools and businesses.
Use verbs tense in the right to describe your skills, abilities and previous or current job duties. For example, describe the current job duty with a statement such as “Manage accounts payables and receivables.” Describe a past job duty with a statement like “organized thousands of patient records and maintains a database of confidential patient information contains.”
Do not use first-person pronouns like I, me and my. For example, instead of starting a sentence with “I”, start it with a statement such as “Four years of experience in …”
Do not overdo, and do not contain information on your resume that a recruiter can not check.
Make your resume visually appealing.

Margins should be consistent and between one-half to one inch. The font size should, with headings no longer to be a professional font such as Times New Roman or Helvetica 11 or 12 than 16.

Choose Writing and editing your resume until it is perfect. the heading
There are no exact rules for formatting the header section of a resume. but, it should be visually appealing and easy to read. The header should include:

  • Your full name
  • E-mail address
  • mailing address
  • Telephone number or numbers
  • formatting

Share your resume in sections, starting with a professional overview.

Kimberly Myers, a training and coaching professionally, recommends that this instead of an objective to use, because it keeps the focus on employers’ needs, not your needs.

Professional Summary
Summarize your background and qualifications in terms of how they can benefit the employer and the work in no more than about three sentences or bullet points. See and use words in the job description included.

Professional experience or skills and abilities
With a chronological resume, list work experience in reverse order to the recent experience of the most important.

with a functional resume, organizing skills and abilities on the type. For example, include sub-sections such as “Accounting”, “organization and planning” and “customer service and support.”

List the school your studies, the month and year you graduated and academic performance, the subject of the profession.

employment History
List the position title, company and employment data in years.

Maintain integrate a list of at least three current references, but not the list on your resume. Instead, list references on a separate piece of paper, like you, comprising the same position your resume.

If a job description specifically mentioned references, it is not necessary to make a statement on your resume as “references upon request” belong.


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Entry Level Bank Resume

It is possible to get an entry level bank resume even if you have no prior work experience. Most banks newcomers to hire as tellers. All such work requires some basic math skills, on-the-job training and the ability to respond to a variety of people. Banks generally pay a little more than most entry-level positions. This makes them attractive places for students and others who are looking for their first employment. Read on to learn how to make an excellent resume that can give you an advantage over the other candidates to write.

instructions entry level bank resume

Write “Target” section. This section of your resume should be short your career goals, what kind of bank job you hope to get, and what you want to achieve in your job. Find the best chances of getting hired if you show interest in a career in financial services in this section are to stand.

List your experience first. Even if this is your first job, you still have some experience that would be at a bank probably. Every experience in handling cash, the competition in math teams, knowledge of computers or experience in dealing with a variety of people would be helpful and should be included in the list.

Talk about your education further. Make note of the schools that you have taken from high school on, and visited dates and degrees attained. If you are still in school, mention that, and indicate when you expect to complete.

Write about your bank-specific skills and classes that you have taken that will help you, will carry out your job. Dealing with customers, business classes, accounting classes and organizational skills are all examples of assets that you would benefit in a bank job. Banks are becoming more and more dependent on computer technology, as well, so you’d better have (or get) fixed computer basics.

Create a list of organizations that include you and extracurricular activities in which you are involved. This will show that you are a well-rounded person (always a desirable quality in a bank clerk) are you ambitious and that you know how to handle responsibility.

Tips & Warnings

Bank jobs are not as flexible on working hours as other potential first jobs as fast-food restaurants and movie theaters generally. That’s because the banks operate only during normal business hours. Even if you take a part-time job, you still have to there. For the same block of time, several days a week Find out what the bank shifts available, and make sure that you at least one of these layers work before applying.
to format your resume, always your skills and experience in bulleted lists. This makes it easier for prospective employers to scan and locate the information they need to make their decision.

sample entry level bank resume

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Email Letter

You certainly do not want the recruiter takes a look at your resume and your cover letter? Begin to miss the email letter that accompanies them.

1 – Choose a fuzzy object

Nothing worse than an “object” of mail that does not specify your goal. Like, for example:  “open application” without any details on the coveted function.

And to succeed?  Mention “to the Offer No XXX / post …”. And, if you are registered, tell from the subject line.

2 – Drag it a familiar name 

A simple “Hello” or “Hello Madam,” is absolutely not suitable for an application.

And to succeed? P be referring more recommendable formula: “Dear Sir”, “Dear Madam” or “Dear Madam, Dear Sir” or “Dear” if you do not know the gender of your interlocutor.

3 – Name a competitor

By trying too play copy-paste and make applications of mass mailings, you will manage to send mail with a different company name. Worse, with the name of the competitor.Trash assured.

And to succeed? your neutral message in Word, copy it to the body of the email and customize it.

4 – Do spelling and conjugation  

“The most classic, but also the most crippling, concern formulas” I send you “and” I venture. ” Often there is “sending” and “permits”.

And to succeed? Treat also the spelling of your resume.

5 – Overuse of Abbreviations 

If you absolutely want to exasperating the recruiter in less than 10 seconds, please do not take the time to write the words in full. Abuse the “CDT” to cordially or “appointment” for appointment.

And to succeed? Do not write your email as an SMS motivation.

6 – skimp salutations 

A simple “cordially” may seem trivial for a position with responsibilities.

And to succeed? “Prefer a more classic formula like,” please accept, dear Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration. ”

7 – Punctuate excessive  

Punctuate your phrase “! “Or” … “and you will be ranked among fans. “Exclamation points are the expression of feelings that have no place being in a mail application.Ellipses suspend a thought.

And to succeed? Be specific!

8 – Exceed 30 lines

30 lines of messages and that’s the trash again. Recruiters take only a few seconds to identify the interest of your application.

And to succeed? Words must be snappy and short sentences. Exit long speeches, go to the essentials.

9 – Do not talk to you AS

Of course, you are there to brag about your skills and personality. But not only the risk of passing for a narcissist !

And to succeed? Without resorting to flattery excessive, talk (as well) the business success, growth.

10 – Detail your CV in full

The application is the teaser email your resume and not his resume. So needless to synthesize at all costs your more or less experience.

And to succeed? Insist on just one or two key points in your profile.

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Greeting Card

How to wish a Happy New Year with friends or professional relations? Send a greeting card messages  for the new year is to show respect and friendship. But what sort of greeting card to send? And what are the uses to follow either when writing greetings card either when it is answered. Discover our sample text for the new year and our free templates greeting card .

When sending a greeting card

The simple rule is, do not send a greetings card wishing a good year before the new year.

Before 1 st January

Only want to beautiful holiday season

In February

N”envoyez or card or letter to address your wishes . It is also too late to meet the wishes received .

Doing so may seem careless or rude.


Send the elderly a letter traditional, with date, salutation and signature rather than a greetings card .

Younger first send their best wishes to their elders

Relationships, to supervisors, bosses, former colleagues

To all those to whom you want to show your attachment, send a nice greeting card illustrated, created or not an association charity, Unicef style.

There are spoiled for choice.

Be careful though with elegance and sobriety.

Send wishes on a card business is a little dry. Your card business will serve only to meet the wishes received.

Write on the card business:

Touched for your kind wishes, thank you and offers to turn his most cordial good wishes for the new year

With close friends

You can send the e – card (by email), SMS and MMS embellished with a small text message wishing beautiful festivals of end of the year or a good year.

Respond to a greeting card

If you receive a greeting card , it is customary to respond by sendingyou as a cardgreeting or card business and this in a very short time.

This is an elegant way to thank them for their shipment.

Greeting Card

greeting card is not a letter , so there is no need to itemize your moods or to evoke rain or shine. A few lines suffice .

What to write on a greeting card?

If it’s someone dear to you, feel free to write his name in the header and do not forget to sign.

Free text for greeting cards

Text for a greeting card # 1 

Aurélie dear, dear Barnabas,

We take this period of festivities to wish you a Happy New Year 2020.

Joy, happiness, health and prosperity!

Alain and Claudine

Text for a greeting card # 2

Dear Bud,
On the occasion of this new year, I will send my wishes health, happiness and success.

I’m kissing you strongly


Text for a greeting card # 3

Carl Darling,

The whole family joins me to wish you a wonderful New Year celebrations

With all our affection

Text for a greetings card # 4

In a relationship, write:

Dear Bud,
On the occasion of this new year 2020, we wish you all our wishes for happiness, prosperity and above all health, you and all those you loved.

Text for a greeting card # 5

At a higher, write:

Dear Sir,
Please accept, for this new year , my best wishes.


Text for a greetings card # 6

Dear Bud Wayser,
In this period of festivities , I would like to express the loyalty of my memory, and send you my wishes more respectful.


A company will write to its commercial relations:

Text for a greeting card # 7

Any team Toutpratique  presents its best wishes for 2020

(All department heads or department heads concerned will sign)



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Love Letter

How to write a love letter ? The declarations of love , occasionally or not Valentine’s Day , do not happen necessarily in front of the girl or boy you love. Sometimes it is better to send a letter love to the beloved. And it’s so romantic to write or receivelove letter  ! Sometimes even a few words of love enough. But beware there are some rules to follow if one wants his statement is a favorable outcome. Advice declare his love through a letter.

Write a love letter

Often face to the person that we love , eye to eye, we dare not reveal his love, fearing a mocking smile, a dumbfounded air, a negative response and worse was afraid of being rejected. Few have the courage and comfort needed to make what they feel. In a love letter it is obviously possible to speak more freely …

But it must be clear?

Before you write a letter of love   it is better still to test the feelings of the other.

If you write a love letter to someone who is madly in love with another or another, or who does not support you, you will inevitably to disaster.

Declaration of love

The love letter you write should first talk to someone in particular and not someone who does not look like him. The object of your love should recognize it.

So forget generalities, spread the poems famous or not you find in books, letters , the writer of letters or love letters written by your best friend.

The feelings that you describe in this letter must necessarily be related to her or him.

As part of a love letter (and in all things that matter) is nothing more annoying than someone that spans pages and pages about what he feels or thinks.

OK to say you’re in love, but never lose sight of what matters the Other! The subject of the letter is always him!

love letter should necessarily have the main subject or the one vou s like.

What to write?

Put in relief (without exaggeration or flattery) the qualities of the Other and replace as much as possible by the TU JE.

Do not hesitate to project yourself into the future with the object of your love : mention of the projects you want to set.

Make dream!

Lack of inspiration?

You do not know what to write  ?

Think about that or the one you love, the first time you’ve seen, the memories shared, lived together in situations where he or she has impressed you. He was attentive?

His intelligence has seduced you?

Its beauty has amazed you?

He or she demonstrated courage?

In your declaration of love, say so!

Emphasize its features.

Express your admiration and love for her or him.

But be sincere.

Listen to your heart .

Do not write anything

Words fly and writings remain!

Some, listening only to their heart tend to pack into a love letter, and say more than they should.

Be careful. The day you write a love letter mention your feelings , in your interest to another, but do not indulge too much, and especially do not reveal anything that you should regret later.

So no question of indulging in flaming erotic delusions. Keep your fantasies for you … or for when you can satisfy the

Poem or love letter?

Contrary to popular belief, the style is not so important. Is not a poet or writer who wants!

Your love letter should reflect your personality. Why not not use a humorous, original, light or matter if it is yours?

Be yourself !

letter personal will certainly more fun than a text of a novelist of the nineteenth century! Keep it simple: avoid scientific or pompous words.

While writing a love letter


– A printed letter. L A written letter hand is needed

– Long sentences.

– Illegible handwriting

– the repetitions

– spelling mistakes

– The letters of more than 2 pages: no romance!

– The writer quotes

– Raw and vulgar words

Write on any paper?

You can write a love letter on any paper while avoiding red (a little forced in intent) a paper schoolboy tiles, a stationery for children with illustrations or worse a sheet of paper torn from a block.

By choosing a plain white or pastel paper you will not go wrong.

Writing with pen what?

As long as you do not use a pencil, any pen (felt or ink) is acceptable.

Avoid still ballpoint pen red or green!

How to start the letter?

The header

If you still know little about the object of your love, it is not about to start the letter by an article as possessive “my” or “Ma”.

Start the letter by writing only his first name.

Use the words “My Love  ” or “Sweetheart” only if your relationship has started. No familiarity!

The text

Do not procrastinate: go right ahead!

Start by mentioning the first day you met and the effect that this meeting had on you: “Since I met you, I can not stop thinking about you … you …

After that

Then? Evoke the meeting, the effect she (or he) has had on you and its many qualities.Finally, propose a meeting.

Finish the letter

No way to write  : “I kiss you everywhere! “Ni” kisses “and even less” big kiss “. “I kiss you” enough.

Or you can forget the hugs and simply write “I love you.”

Do not forget to sign !!!

Sign the letter

Even in an email, it is more elegant to sign.

You’re certainly not obligated to put your family name, your first name is enough, or you can sign a qualifier eg your friend, your lover, the man who loves you, etc.

But if the Other does not know you very well, especially if your name is common, if you want him or her to answer, do not forget to rate the top of the letter, left your first and last name, and below your details (your choice of phone number, email address and postal address).


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Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Most foundations require their candidates at least one letter of recommendation. What makes a good letter of Scholarship Recommendation Letter, you can find out here.

Letter of recommendation for a scholarship application can be either expert opinions or personal opinion. A technical assessment should in particular take on the technical qualifications of the applying for a scholarship student reference. The Personality Analysis should be from a person who knows the candidate well and has looked after him in a life. This can be a teacher but also be the head of a student ministries.

The content and structure of the recommendation letter

Although the expert opinion shall in particular refer to the technical qualifications of the candidate, this does not mean that it should only act thereof. If a foundation so take special care that their candidate can demonstrate commitment, then a tender guteeech professor who has your commitment to a student department can observe also it refer.

In principle, a letter of recommendation for a scholarship application a certain structure should follow. That is, the Guteeech Tende introduction initially mentioned, where, how long and how well he knows you. This may be, for example, from one of his lectures.

Then the Guteeech Tendering should as required describe your professional qualifications. Here he can take notes and highlight content reference valuable contributions from you during his lectures. Perhaps this reviewer has ever cared a work of yourself and write something about the content of this work.

In the subsequent section of the verified should call your technical properties. He may like for example, as extremely structured (s) students or student have perceived and emphasize your analytical skills.

It should also not be missing in each report a section on your personality. Perhaps the expert was able to observe how good you you are integrating in a group and if you are particularly popular with fellow students.

If a foundation to another feature in the life of applicants pay special attention, such as social, political or religious cause, then it should be addressed in a separate paragraph of an assessment of your person on this property.

In a report may not be missing after all the final explicit recommendation of the evaluator for a scholarship. In it, he has to make it clear that he endorses it explicitly states that you will receive a grant.

What is your role in write opinion

It is advisable to ask several letters of recommendation from various experts, if you will be granted in the letter of understanding. Then you can select. Often this is not possible because many foundations require that them the recommendation discs will be sent directly in a sealed envelope, so that the candidate has no insight into the recommendation letter.

Many professors and teachers are willing to create a letter of recommendation for scholarships applications. It’s best to ask those in which you have achieved the best ratings. Trust you quiet because a lot to lose, there is not present.

However, you should also evaluator in its work to support, for example, by You deliver the content of the letter of recommendation in many parts. Moreover, you can, for example, your products and your resume for scholarship application enclose and key words provide substantive evidence. The best, however, you ask first cautiously, wants the kind of support the Guteeech Tendering for drafting the recommendation letter.

OUR TIP : You want your scholarship application will be a success? Then recommend is this you eBook . This book provides you with sample language for your cover letter or by different templates to tabular or formulated resume optimal basis, so your application will be a success.

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Cover Letter Examples

In my last job, everything was going wrong, schedules did not like, I do not get along with my colleagues and my bosses were really unbearable. I wanted to resign then, but since it was the first time I did this kind of approach, I sought a free template cover letter examples on the internet. He only took a few minutes to come across this really cool site.

It lists over 11 models and all completely free of course. So armed with a sheet and a pen, I copied the example. I who am not good at writing letters, it was easier afterwards. The next day I sent by registered mail to my employer and it has been annoyed when he received it. In the end, he quickly regretted not having me not well considered.

Once my notice finishes towards the pole job for my registration as unemployed, I took a few weeks to rest, but soon I had to get back to looking for a new job, and for that, I returned to this website to see an example of a resume and cover letter. I could see that as the years, the presentation had again changed.

I do not know if it’s my personality envy or the letters I have written, but anyway, I quickly had several meetings, and I was even able to choose where I wanted to go because several employers wanted me home. You may believe me when I tell you that a well written letter can change everything. Do not write anything and enjoy the free site.

The cover letters and presentations are key could open the doors of employment. They should be personalized and direct link to the job applied for. To increase your chances of hiring, it is important to know the company you are interested to concretely demonstrate to the employer your desire to be part of his organization. While reading your letter that deciding whether to grant you an interview.Stand out!

Cover Letter Examples for 2019 [+Writing Tips]


50+ Cover Letter Samples from Real Professionals Who got Hired

Cover Letter Examples for 2019 [+Writing Tips]


50+ Cover Letter Samples from Real Professionals Who got Hired

Cover Letter Examples for 2019 [+Writing Tips]

Cover Letter Examples for Every Type of Job Seeker The Muse

Cover Letter Examples for 2019 [+Writing Tips]


50+ Cover Letter Samples from Real Professionals Who got Hired