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One of the things I really like about Google Docs is that it allows me to create a travel itinerary in just a few minutes. Instead of wasting time trying to jot down all of the details of my trip, I can simply drag and drop the information I need into the appropriate areas of the document. This saves me lots of time, both physically and mentally.

I will use the Google Docs application to create my itinerary, but when I first started using the program I used WordPad for some of the writing. I actually ended up saving quite a bit of time by using a program other than WordPad because it makes more sense to save as many ideas as possible.

Once I set up the Google Docs application to import my notes, I am then able to just drag and drop items from one page to another. Some of my favorite resources are the real estate listings in New York City. You can just copy and paste the locations in the appropriate places to make your itinerary from scratch. The only issue I encountered with this method is that the Google Docs office did not want me to upload the address and phone number fields.

Instead, I found a free tool that is very similar to Google Docs called OmniGraffle. This application allows you to add photos to each page, insert map coordinates and even capture photos in different formats for printing. For this project, I was able to import a bunch of pictures from my iPhone to my Google Docs, but you could easily get creative with some of the other options that the application offers. For example, if you are having trouble getting a picture in landscape orientation, OmniGraffle will let you create a landscape image and simply crop it to fit the page.

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My next project for my Google Docs template was to take the photos and combine them with my information from different sources to create a customized itinerary. In my search for software that would accomplish this task, I came across Traveler. When I got to the website, I was surprised to see that Traveler offers a whole lot more than just organizing my Google Docs. In fact, this software allows you to capture multiple images from multiple different sources and stitch them together to create a single photo for a particular destination.

I was able to combine all of the travel photos from several different locations into one fantastic photo of me touring the Grand Canyon. Using Traveler to combine my notes with these photos also allowed me to include details about the highlights of each location, such as where I ate and how much each location was going to cost me. I even included an estimated time for each stop so that I was able to prepare myself mentally for a successful trip.

By using Google Docs to organize my information and then using Traveler to create a unique and personalized itinerary from scratch, I was able to save time and more importantly, create a vacation I will always remember. Now that I have used Traveler and OmniGraffle for the past two years, I know they can work wonders for any project I need to complete.

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