Project Manager For Airline Cover Letter

Here’s a sample cover letter for a special type of job search: Anna wants to work for the same airline at the same airport she worked at six years ago. There’s a new hiring manager now so she has to sell herself all over again.

Anna’s cover letter (below) needs to accomplish three things:

  1. Grab the reader’s attention with Anna’s strongest asset: previous experience on the job.
  2. Convince the employer to open her attached resume.
  3. Ask for a job interview.

Here are a few interesting points about this cover letter:

  • At the start of her letter to ABC Airlines, Anna puts her best foot forward by stating that she is a former employee. This tells her reader that she’s already up to speed on most of what will be required of her on the job.
  • Anna uses airline lingo with ease to show she is still in step with the industry.
  • The letter does not summarize her resume. Instead, it simply refers to it in one short line (Attached: Resume for Project Manager)¬†after her name at the very end of her letter.

Sample Cover Letter: Project Manager for Airline

Anna Kjhtgfd
998 Miller Street
Charlotte, NC 12345, 123-555-5555

June 24, 20xx

ABC Airline Terminal Corporation (AATC)
Charlotte, NC

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a former employee of ABC Airlines, with six years spent in ACS management at Charlotte International, I am familiar with the vital role that AATC plays in the operation of the airport. I am pleased to have the opportunity to apply for the Project Manager position on your team.

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During my career with ABC, I often teamed with AATC to ensure that customers received the highest level of customer service. I look forward to an interview, where I can discuss my background in airport project management and why my education and experience make me an ideal candidate for your open position.

I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Best regards,
Anna Kjhtgfd

Project Manager Cover Letter


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Project Manager Cover Letter

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